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Nimbark Organic Moong Beans | Green Moong Whole | Sabut Moong 500gm

Product Code :- NIM0098
Weight :- 500gm
Estimated Arrival :- 4-5 Days

₹ 96(₹ 120)(20% Off)

in stock
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Moong beans (Vigna radiata) are small, green beans that belong to the legume family. They have been cultivated since ancient times. While native to India, Moong beans later spread to China and various parts of Southeast Asia. Moong beans are incredibly versatile and typically eaten in salads, soups and stir-frys.

Health Benefits

  • Packed With Healthy Nutrients.
  • High Antioxidant Levels May Reduce Chronic Disease Risk.
  • Antioxidants Vitexin and Isovitexin May Prevent Heat Stroke.
  • May Lower “Bad” LDL Cholesterol Levels, Reducing Heart Disease Risk.

Q & A

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Reviews (8)

Neel   09 Jun 2020


Mahir   09 Jun 2020

recipe plz

Viaan   09 Jun 2020


Aryan   09 Jun 2020

extremely good

Kajal   09 Jun 2020


Sahana   09 Jun 2020


Aahir   09 Jun 2020

extremely good

Aria   09 Jun 2020


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