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Nimbark Organic Watermelon Seeds | Raw Watermelon Seeds | Seeds For Eating | Seeds 250gm

Product Code :- SFWMS001
Weight :- 250 GM
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There are fewer options for protein and other nutrients for vegans. But watermelon seeds are considered as a complete package of plant-based nutrients including essential proteins, healthy fatty acids, and various other minerals. Nimbark (A brand known for its quality, purity, hygiene, and taste) is providing an online platform to Buy Organic Watermelon Seedsin India as per your requirement (retail as well as bulk order). On each Nimbark Organic product label, you can check the nutrition value per 100g as described below for Organic Watermelon Seeds: 









Saturated Fatty Acid(g)


Trans Fatty Acid(g)






Total Reducing Sugar(g)



Apart from the above health nutrients, there are so many good reasons to buy Nimbark Organic Watermelon Seeds. These organic edible seeds are abundant sources of vitamin B(Thiamin, Niacin, Folate) and other health benefitting minerals including magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, iron, potassium, and copper. 

Health Benefits

When roasted, these organic watermelon seeds from a trusted brand like Nimbark can supersede any of the unhealthy snack options with its crispy taste and high nutritional value. As per the study, few ounces of watermelon seeds can meet the calory count required by the body over other food items. Around 100g of these edible seeds can render around 600 calories as equivalent to calories present in 10 loaves of bread. Apart from completing the calorific needs of the body, Nimbark Organic Watermelon Seeds are a must-buy due to several health benefits which are described below:

• Organic Watermelon seeds are rich in essential amino acids like arginine and lysine which cannot be produced by our body. Lysine amino acid is helpful in the absorption of calcium and forms collagen. Arginine plays a vital role in improving metabolism and sexual wellness.

• Magnesium present in these seeds governs carbohydrate metabolism, aids normal blood pressure and protein synthesis.

• As a good source of dietary fibers(both insoluble and soluble), these organic seeds are helpful in the removal of toxins and aids in smooth bowel movements.

• Some lab research suggests that watermelon seed extract is effective in treating prostate disorders.

• In the olden days, these seeds were also used to get rid of tapeworms, round worms, and other intestinal parasites.

Q & A

Can We Eat Raw Watermelon Seeds?

Eating raw watermelon seeds isn't a great idea (Not a bad idea either!). Although they are fibrous and crunchy in taste, the thick coating over them protects or hides the endosperm & other nutrients. Typically, these seeds are roasted before consuming as a whole or sprinkle over salads or any other stuff as toppings.


Are Watermelon Seeds Safe During Pregnancy?

Organic Watermelon seeds can produce magical benefits for your baby and you during pregnancy. These crunchy seeds are low in calories and high in nutrients. Few ounces of these seeds can be incorporated into the daily diet during the pregnancy period. Some of the immeasurable benefits are:

• Low in calories

• Packed with essential vitamins &minerals

• Reduce the risk of muscle cramps

• Healthy snack option over unhealthier fast foods • Reduces Pigmentation

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