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Nimbark Organic Jaggery Powder | Natural Jaggery Powder | Jaggery Powder 750gm

Product Code :- NJP01
Weight :- 750gm
Estimated Arrival :- 4-5 Days

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NIMBARK brings to you the utmost quality Organic Jaggery Powder (Shakkar)at the best price which does not have chemical additives and is manufactured by evaporating the juice from organically grown sugar cane. One can buy and hold the goodness of this golden-brown delicacy which is a healthier substitute to processed sugar and all other artificial sweeteners in the market. If we talk about the common health benefits of NIMBARK Organic Jaggery Powder, then it improves digestive health, may prevent iron deficiency anemia, helps in the detoxification of the liver, and is also effective in seasonal cough & cold (A well-known remedy from "Dadi Ma KeNuskhe"). This unrefined brown sugar manufactured & procured from organic ways can be used in various food products as a natural sweetener to enhance their nutritional value as well as taste.

With the tagline of “Living TheSatvic Way” - NIMBARK Organic Shakkar – 750g comes with a shelf life of 12 months from the packaging date. Although, Jaggery doesn’t have any side effects upon using it beyond the shelf life. But its color& taste might get changed as time progresses.Shakkar(popularly known as NattuSakkarai in Tamil) offered by us has been certified organic by Control Union Certifications with CU Reg. No: 857388

Health Benefits

Consumption of granulated white sugar directly or by indirect means is accompanied by the fear of poor health. So, people are moving towards organic and healthier alternatives to sugar products. In this array, Nimbark Organic Jaggery Powder is a proven healthier replacement for white refined sugar & other associated sugar products. Some of the health benefits of Nimbark Organic Shakkar are:

1) Jaggery comes in the cane sugar category and is a natural sweetener.

2) No to chemicals and preservatives is the motto of Nimbark Food Products.

3) This organic sweetener acts as a digestive agent, detoxifies the liver, and is also used as a throat cleanser.

4) Although, it is advisable for diabetic patients to avoid Jaggery as well. But it is a much healthier alternative to sugar for diabetic patients too.

5) Carbohydrates obtained from it are of more complex form and release energy at a slow pace over a longer time frame.

6) NimbarkShakkar is a rich source of Iron, Protein, and other minerals as it is obtained from sugarcane juice without refining and bleaching (means no use of chemicals in manufacturing).

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