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Nimbark Organic Fennel Whole

Product Code :- NIM-SPIC-FNLW-100
Weight :- 100gm
Estimated Arrival :- 4-5 Days

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NIMBARK Organic Fennel in a packaging of 200g, belongs to the category of whole spices. It is a green-coloured whole spice with countless comestible and medicinal usage. Because of its taste and aroma, it is a requisite in every kitchen across the world. As it is an essential ingredient in several blended spices and powders so, it is advised to buy NIMBARK Organic Whole Fennel in India from authentic online stores or from the online platform provided by the company.

In Eastern India, Whole Organic Fennel Seed is one of the constituents among the Five Spice Blend or Panch Phoron (alternatively called Panch Phoran or Paanch Phoron). Its subtle taste and aroma make it well suited for cooking spicy foods. As it aids digestion and naturally freshens the breath, so it is a very common practice in India to offer Whole Fennel Seeds with Rock Sugar or Mishri after meals.

From the land of Jammu Kashmir, a renowned brand by the name of NIMBARK is committed to offering a pure and organic range of fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare) which is a perennial herb. This Organic Kashmiri Saunf(also known as Badhyaan) is used in almost every kind of dish (veg as well as non-veg).

Health Benefits

You can buy Organic Kashmiri Saunfby a trusted name called NIMBARK at competitive prices through its website. All of the listed products on the website are 100% pure and organic. Check out some health benefits of consuming Organic Fennel (Whole) as raw or in some processed manner:

1. Saunf water is a common acidity neutralizer and helps in digestion too. Boil 1 tablespoon of organic fennel in water and let it cool then drink through the day.

2. It is a natural remedy to cure bloating and loss of appetite.

3. It is believed that breastfeeding ladies can drink Fennel seed tea as a natural remedy for baby colic.

4. Some studies suggest that chewing fennel seeds is a great natural way to manage blood pressure levels.

5. Its potassium, magnesium, and calcium content may help in maintaining heart health.

6. Regular consumption of organic saunf helps to remove toxins from the urinary tract and acts as a natural & herbal remedy for urinary tract problems.

7. Fennel seeds come with high gastrointestinal benefits.

8. Chewing fennel seeds provide you some important nutrients, such as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

9. It has several health-benefiting antioxidants like chlorogenic acid, limonene, and quercetin.

10. According to some research, consuming fennel seeds may increase milk secretion in lactating women.

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