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Nimbark Organic Pasta Penne | Wheat Pasta | Durum Wheat Penne Pasta 250gm

Product Code :- BCPPN
Weight :- 250gm
Estimated Arrival :- 4-5 Days

₹ 68(₹ 80)(15% Off)

in stock
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Penne is one of the most famous Italian pasta shapes and is loved across Italy and the world. Penne translates to the word “pen”, and gets its name from its shape – a short cylinder-shaped pasta that has angled edges. The shape was inspired by a quill.

Health Benefits

  • Pasta is made from grain, one of the basic food groups in a healthy diet that also can include vegetables, fruits, fish, and poultry.
  • It's a good source of energy and can give you fiber, too, if it's made from whole grain. 
  • That can help with stomach problems and may help lower cholesterol.

Q & A

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Reviews (8)

Aakil   09 Jun 2020


Zaina   09 Jun 2020

tasty product

Vihan   09 Jun 2020

tasty product

Aria   09 Jun 2020


Aryan   09 Jun 2020


Disha   09 Jun 2020


Nadin   09 Jun 2020

glad many thanks

Amaya   09 Jun 2020


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