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Moth Whole - 500gm

Product Code :- 015
Weight :- 500 GM
Estimated Arrival :- 4-5 Days

₹ 81(₹ 95)(15% Off)

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Ever since the cultivation of Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) started in India, it has been a staple food of an Indian diet. While it is a cereal known for its nutritious value, most of its importance is lost in the artificial processes used by the company’s in making them fine and more pleasing to eyes. As an exception, Organic Nimbark Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) is the purest and most nutritious Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) available in the market. Untreated and pure, the organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) from Nimbark is procured directly from the farmers of the Southern India. The dal is cultivated in fertile lands using organic farming techniques. Ach grain of our organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) offers purest of taste, aroma, and texture, thanks to the natural sun drying and de-shelling and de-husking techniques.

The dal is a part of a range of Indian cuisine including some staple dishes like Puran Poli, stews and Sambhar.

Health Benefits

Organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) by Nimbark is loaded with healthbenefits. It belongs to thelegumes family and thus has a large reservoir of vegetable protein, carbohydrates and Vitamin B. Nimbark Organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) is also rich in dietaryfibre which makes it an easy to digest food. The cholesterol levels and saturated fat content of organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) by Nimbark is low. As it has sufficient amount of Iron content, it is a dal recommended for those dealing with low haemoglobin and anaemia. Organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) also helpregulate your blood pressure, thanks to its high potassium content.

Q & A

Is Nimbark Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) easy to cook?

Yes, you can cook it like any other dal but it is more healthy and delicious than the cheap variant available in the market.

What is the cooing time for Nimbark Organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea)?

It takes 20-25 minutes for cooing, however, you can reduce the cooing time by soaking the dal in water, 15minutes before cooking.

Is Organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) by Nimbark durable?

Yes, you can store Nimbark Organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) in an airtight container in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight for several months.

What is the size of the packaging of Organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea)?

Nimbark Organic Arhar Dal (Pigeon pea) is available in packing of 500 grams and 1 kg.

Reviews (17)

Zaina   09 Jun 2020


Jahnavi   09 Jun 2020


Nisha   09 Jun 2020

extremely good

Zaina   09 Jun 2020


Laksh   09 Jun 2020

recipe plz

Aahir   09 Jun 2020


Nadin   09 Jun 2020


Ruhi   09 Jun 2020


LIYANA   09 Jun 2020


ALIZAE   09 Jun 2020


CARINA   09 Jun 2020


ANGELICA   09 Jun 2020


REN   09 Jun 2020

glad many thanks

KEYLA   09 Jun 2020


AVYAN   09 Jun 2020

glad many thanks

AGUSTIN   09 Jun 2020


chaman   31 Aug 2019


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