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Want to lose weight? Pick Long Basmati Rice carefully from the market

Want to lose weight? Pick Long Basmati Rice carefully from the market

Our main source of sustenance is rice. It has a lot of fibre and carbohydrates, which help keep up elevated levels of energy and improve digestion. Rice consumption should be reduced for those aiming to lose weight. To assist you in losing weight, you can however have rice, particularly long basmati  rice, in moderation.

If you're trying to reduce weight but can't give up rice, basmati is a better option.  Compared to conventional long-grain rice, long-grain basmati rice, according to some research, offers fewer calories per serving. It is a healthier alternative if you're trying to keep up a healthy weight because of its less calorie and glycemic index content. This rice comes with a GI of 50 compared to normal white rice's 79.

Due to the slow process of digestion, foods with a low glycemic index aid in satiety and aid in weight loss.

Several other health advantages of basmati can help people lose weight.

Minimal calories

Basmati rice contains fewer calories and carbohydrates in comparison to other types of rice. For instance, one cup of cooked long-grain Basmati rice offers about 205 calories and 45 grams of carbs. In comparison, the same proportion of white rice has about 242 calories and 53 grams of carbohydrates. This implies that choosing Basmati among other types of rice will allow you to reduce your calorie and carb intake without sacrificing flavour.

Helps to keep you Satiate

A moderate GI long basmati breaks down more gr adually, which might help control your glucose levels whilst keeping you fuller for longer. This helps with weight loss as it may reduce cravings and binge eating.

Comprised of Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are also abundant in long grain basmati rice. The gradual release of energy from complex carbs periodically prevents blood sugar from rising to a significant degree, making them an excellent source of energy. It may be able to assist you in avoiding the energy slump and urges that come along with consuming refined carbs.

Have plenty of Vitamins and Minerals

Long basmati rice also contains significant amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamine B6, potassium and other vital vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are essential for sustaining healthy health. By controlling metabolism and promoting muscle growth, they can help you lose weight.

Free from Gluten

For people with gluten allergies, gluten-free long grain basmati rice is a great alternative. Additionally, this may help with losing weight. Individuals who are sensitive to gluten frequently struggle to lose weight. Removing gluten from their daily meals can therefore aid in enhancing digestion and metabolism.

Versatile in nature

Long Basmati may be served in a variety of ways, making it simple to include in your dietary regimen and give your meals diversity. It makes a complete meal when combined with meat, veggies, and pulses.

Minimal fat

Long basmati is a great option for anyone trying to reduce weight because it contains very little fat and cholesterol. Furthermore, you won't be concerned about overconsuming unhealthy fats, which can lead to weight gain, when relishing this rice.

Advice on Choosing the Correct Type of Basmati Rice

The next time you buy groceries, remember to:

The smell speaks a lot:

A top-quality long basmati will smell pleasant before it is prepared. You should not buy the rice if there is no scent. One of the most significant indicators of high-quality basmati is its scent.

Examine the color:

Even though white rice may appear to be more inviting, long grain basmati rice of superior quality has a mild golden color. Grey tones are inappropriate, though. You need to Be aware of that.

The Longer it is the more beneficial it is:

The longer the basmati kernel, the more costly and compelling quality it is. Observe the ends as well. Is there a taper? Choose rice with 3.5mm or longer grain lengths.

How old is the rice?

Although it may seem contradictory to purchase rice that is not a recent harvest, aged long basmati is actually of higher quality.  After some years, the rice is completely dried and kept separated when prepared.

Assess the purity grade

Check that the purity proportion is as near to 100 as feasible. As per the Indian government's Consumer Voice Study, foreign stuff shouldn't make up over 6 per cent of the total weight. Thus, the long grain basmati rice you cook contains nearly no contaminants, grime, or other foreign substances.

Examine the moisture concentration:

Rice is highly wet when it is plucked. To sell it, it must first be dried. It must be less than sixteen per cent, according to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Make a healthy selection:

Buying organic long basmati rice is a smart move in this age when we are all becoming more aware of our health. Employing conventional farming techniques, organic basmati is produced without the use of dangerous chemicals. Brown rice, whether it be brown basmati or other varieties, is whole grain, packed with nutrients, and much lower in risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

If you're looking for organic long-grain basmati rice, consider our offerings from Nimbark Foods. At Nimbark Foods, we prioritize authenticity in every organic grocery we offer. Our commitment to quality and transparency ensures you receive the finest products at unbeatable prices. Shop with confidence today via   


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