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Our Farmers
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Our Farmers Our Farmers

Our farmers are our pride. Our India is one of the top countries in cultivation and farming. Because of their hard work we are able to get the healthy & pure food. We are thankful to all of our farmers family who believed in us and doing organic farming for the well being of the humanity. We have 10000 farmers with us working on different farming projects spread all across India. We have a separate team for farmers working in the field with them. Our team carries out regular Training and certification programs for them. We provide to farmers new appropriate technologies required for organic farming, analyze the fields, soil, and climate and suggest them the suitable crops they can grow according to ecological assessment.

The process of converting a conventional farm to certified organic is three years process.

During these three years we provide the training to farmers for organic farming and help them to sell their interim crops in conventional markets. We time to time arrange the awareness programs to encourage the farmers for organic farming, we invite them to join our organic movement, that benefit them and their farms land to sustain soil health and longevity.