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Nimbark 5 Multigrain Atta | Organic Flour | Multimillets Atta 500gm

Product Code :- NIM0027
Weight :- 500gm
Estimated Arrival :- 4-5 Days

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Serve health and nutrition in every meal with the best organic multigrain Flour from Nimbark. One of the best wholesome food items, the Organic Multi Grain Atta has the virtues of a variety of grains including wheat, barley, soy, and Bengal gram. The healthy blend of these nutritious grains make a power-packed meal which has abundance of dietary fiber and ample of energy. The Nimbark Organic Multi Grain Flour is made from organically grown grains, procured from the native farmers of the valley. The grains are cultivated using organic farming techniques and nurtured with natural manure and the water of the heavenly river Chenab.

Besides the wealth of health and nutrition, the organic multigrain Flour from Nimbark also offers a vault of taste. It can be used to make delicious rotis, pooris, parantha and many other north Indian and south Indian delicacies. The organic flour has a grainy texture which makes the preparations scrumptious, crisper and visually attractive. It can be used individually or mixed with wheat flour to prepare several scrumptious preparations.

Health Benefits

Nimbark organic multi grain flour offers high protein diet which enables muscle growth, it is also rich in dietary fibre which promotes better digestion and healthy eating. The no cholesterol content of organic multi grain flour by Nimbark aids in controlling heart related diseases and in controlling blood pressure conditions. It also promotes the overall vitality of the body, boosting all the systems of the body.

Q & A

What are the key grains used in making organic Multi grain flour?

We use organically grown Wheat, Channa, Oat, Maize and Barley in defined proportions to ma kth best Organic multi grain flour.

What is the key health benefit of Nimbark Organic Multi Grain Flour?

Nimbark Organic Multi Grain Flour is rich in antioxidants and protein, it is known for its low saturated fat content and high amount of dietary fiber.

Is Organic Nimbark Multi Grain Flour certified?

Nimbark holds USDA ORGANIC, INDIA ORGANIC, CONTROL UNION, FSSAI certification and all the products made by the brand, including Organic Multi Grain Flour are duly approved by theauthorities.

Can I store Nimbark Organic Multi Grain Flour?

Nimbark Multi Grain Organic Flour can be stored in an air tight container at a dry and cool place for a decenttimeperiod.

Reviews (8)

Mihik   09 Jun 2020

glad many thanks

Eshita   09 Jun 2020


Eshita   09 Jun 2020

glad many thanks

Alisha   09 Jun 2020


Disha   09 Jun 2020


Jahnavi   09 Jun 2020


Zaina   09 Jun 2020


Aria   09 Jun 2020

pure organic

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