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Nimbark Organic Chia Seeds White | Healthy Snack | White Seeds | Chia Seeds | Healthy Seeds 300gm

Product Code :- SFCSW001
Weight :- 300 GM
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Nimbark Organic White Chia Seeds are procured from the farms where these edible seeds are cultivated under optimal growing conditions to ensure their nutrient profile. Premium quality white chia seeds are rarely cultivated as compared to their counterparts (Black Chia Seeds). Along with healthy fiber, white chia seeds have a miraculous amount of plant protein and health benefitting omega-3 fatty acids.

When we say to buy “Organic Chia Seeds (White)” from a trusted Brand like Nimbark, then we mean that these Organic White Chia Seeds have no added flavor, no added color, and processed with no preservatives. These edible seeds have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of packaging and must be kept in a cool(away from direct sunlight), dry and hygienic storage conditions.

Purchase these Super Foods category Organic White Chia Seeds with high nutrition profile per 100g:









Saturated Fatty Acid(g)


Trans Fatty Acid(g)






Total Reducing Sugar(g)




Health Benefits

The study says that there is no nutritional & taste difference between black and white chia seeds. Although, the main difference is the appearance that comes from their names only. These Omega Fats Rich White Chia Seeds have the following health benefits: 

• One must include these edible seeds into the daily diet to boost muscular strength as White Chia seeds are a natural source of protein and calcium.

• Similar to other edible seeds these also reduce the risk of cancer, lowers the risk of heart diseases, and helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.

• These fiber-rich organic seeds suppress the hunger pangs and also aid to improve the digestive system.

• Along with bones, these seeds also boost dental health due to the presence of calcium, iron, and potassium which are required to improve dental health.

• Soaked White Chia Seeds are rich in dietary fiber which helps in filling up your belly for longer and help you to evade eating junk foods. Hence, these seeds may help in weight loss also.

• Buy organic superfoods online and these superfood seeds come with antioxidant properties which protect the body from free radicals and slows down the premature aging of the skin.

Q & A

How to use the nutritional value of Organic White Chia Seeds?

• Soak White Chia seeds in water for 30 mins before using incorporating these into any recipe.

• Use these seeds as toppings on ice cream, oatmeal, yogurt, salads, etc. 

• These can also be added to baked foods to add a crunchy & nutty taste.

Do White Chia Seeds help to lose weight?

Research & study do not support whether these seeds help in weight loss or not. Since chia seeds are storehouses of healthy fiber so they make you feel fuller for a longer duration. Therefore, these edible seeds may help in avoiding overeating which consequently may help you to lose weight.

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