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Nimbark Organic Groundnut Oil | Peanut Oil | Cooking Oil | Groundnut Oil | Moongphali Ka Tel 1ltr

Product Code :- EDGNO
Weight :- 1000ml
Estimated Arrival :- 4-5 Days

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With the bottled packaging of 1000ml, Nimbark is offering premium quality Organic Groundnut Oil which can be ordered online in retail as well as in bulk as per the requirements of individuals. A cold-pressed method is used to extract Nimbark Groundnut Oil from organically grown groundnuts (no pesticides, no added preservatives, and no chemicals). As per studies, this vegetable oil has an ample amount of Vitamin E which is a known antioxidant to curb radical damage. Buy Nimbark Organic Groundnut Oil online in India with several other health benefits such as it promotes cognitive health, reduces the risk of developing cancer cells, may help as an anti-aging product, may boost up hair growth, used in aromatherapy & body massages, and also used to make several daily use items.

One should know the Nutritional Value of Groundnut Oil (aka Peanut Oil) before incorporating it into usage. As per research, one tablespoon oil of peanut oil serves the following amount of nutritional value:

• Calories: 119 kcal

• Fat: 14 grams

• Saturated fat: 2.3 grams

• Monounsaturated fat: 6.2 grams

• Polyunsaturated fat: 4.3 grams

• Vitamin E: 11% of the RDI

• Phytosterols: 27.9 mg

Health Benefits

Nimbark is the symbol of trust from which one can Buy Organic Groundnut Oil at competitive prices. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating organic peanut oil into the daily diet:

• It is a good source of unsaturated fats (both poly and mono) which is believed to be good to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol).

• Plant sterols present in this oil reduces the risk of heart diseases.

• Organic Groundnut oil contains natural antioxidants including phytochemicals and vitamin E, which protect the body from toxins and free radicals. These antioxidants also reduce the risk of cancer.

• To improve fertility, one must include Groundnut oil in the diet as it has an ample number of folates to boost fertility.

• An ample amount of vitamin E and protein make this vegetable oil good for skin and hair growth.

Q & A

What Is A Good Substitute For Peanut Or Groundnut Oil?

For one who is looking for a substitute for peanut oil, then Almond oil can be a good choice (at a higher price if compared with peanut oil).

What Is the Shelf Life of Nimbark Organic Groundnut Oil?

Nimbark Organic Groundnut Oil comes with a shelf life of 12 months from the date of packaging. However, it is advised to consume it within 6 months once opened.

Is Groundnut Oil Good for Diabetes?

Groundnut Oil contains both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that may help to improve blood sugar levels in diabetic people.

Can Groundnut Oil Be Used in Soap Making?

This vegetable oil is a low-price substitute for making soaps as compared to other vegetable oils used in soap making. It gives stable lather which is good for skin with its conditioning properties.

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Aria   09 Jun 2020


Simar   09 Jun 2020

recipe plz

Adwait   09 Jun 2020

extremely good

Parth   09 Jun 2020


Aakil   09 Jun 2020

pure organic

Aahan   09 Jun 2020


Mahika   09 Jun 2020


Amaya   09 Jun 2020

tasty product

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